haralyzer-api is a deployable REST API wrapper for the haralyzer package. It provides simple functionality for storing raw HAR data and analyzing the contents. The primary purpose is to provide an easy way to search for page statistics by hostname, URI, date of the run, etc.

Terminology And Structure

The API uses two main data structures that represent those of a HAR file. Please review the API endpoint documentation for a full breakdown of the fields provided by these resources.



This represents a single “test” run converted to a HAR file. It represents a full browser session in the sense that it can contain multiple pages.


A single page from a given HAR test. This is where the important data lives, such as the overall performance data.

Sample Usage

import requests

with open('my/har_data.har', r') as f:
    payload = {'har_data': f.read()}
    r = responses.post(API_URL, data=payload)
    print r.text

# output would be:
"data": {
    "browser_name": "Firefox",
    "browser_version": "25.0.1",
    "hostname": "humanssuck.net",
    "id": 1,
    "name": null,
    "pages": [
            "audio_load_time": 0.0,
            "audio_size": 0.0,
            "css_load_time": 76.0,
            "css_size": 8.0,

Again, please consult the endpoint documentation for details on resources: